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Quick Formula 2021 English Edition - Formulating Natural Cosmetics

Quick Formula is a computer program for the development of natural cosmetic product formulations. It was developed and programmed by Roberto Akira Sugai, in Python programming language and is available in two versions, for Windows computers and for Mac OS (will be available soon), and in two languages, Portuguese and English. 

With Quick Formula you can develop and make a multitude of cosmetic products without having previous experience, just having knowledge of some basic natural cosmetic fundamentals.
The program will guide you through the steps necessary to develop an active, effective formulation with safe ingredients that will fully meet your needs. 

It is possible to elaborate and make products for skin and hair care - body cleansing, body moisturizer, shampoos, conditioners and other various natural cosmetic products.
There are over a hundred cosmetic ingredients used in Quick Formula, all locally available that you can buy to make your natural cosmetic products. 

The step-by-step method is very simple and easy to follow, you choose the type of product you want to develop the formula, qualitatively select the ingredients, determine the quantities and with one click you will have the formula ready with the ingredients, quantities, and guidance on how to prepare. You can save as a pdf document on your computer and later print it externally using a pdf document reader of your choice. 

Next to each ingredient category there is an extensive and complete Help system that defines the ingredients and their use, as well as a recommended amount to be used for each ingredient selected in the ingredients category. 

In the program, natural cosmetic products are divided into five product categories - body moisturizer, body cleanser, shampoos, conditioners and others.
The formulation of any product in any category is done using a single program screen, which characterizes the program’s simplicity and ease of use. 

Quick Formula, in addition to formulating natural cosmetic products, has two other functionalities - ingredient management and pricing. 

Ingredient management allows administration of the database of ingredients that the program has internally, enabling basic database operations - adding new ingredients, updating registered ingredients and deleting ingredients. 

For each ingredient there are the following data: name, INCI name, Phase (process phase) and Cost. 

Pricing is used when you want to determine the cost of raw mate- rials of the developed formulation and also allows you to exercise the product’s sales pricing, using the concept of contribution margin - sales price, product cost and margin of contribution. 

For the pricing functionality to be used, the user must register the cost of the ingredients (cost of raw material plus freight and taxes), which is done with the ingredient management functionality. 

See the User Manual to find out how Quick Formula works.

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Detalhes do Curso

Quick Formula is not a repository of “recipes” for cosmetic pro- ducts where you choose the “recipe” and make the product. It is not an electronic “cosmetic recipes” booklet, nor does its content explicitly contain a technical treatise on cosmetic technology.

1 - There are two versions of Quick Formula, one for installation on Windows 10 computers and one for Mac (will be available soon).
2 - You can choose the Portuguese or English version.
3 - You buy the license to use the program, download and install it on your computer. 
4 - This program does not run on mobile phones or tablets.
5 - It is not an online program on the internet.
6 - It is recommended that the display screen resolution be 1920 x 1080 pixel - full HD or higher. 

To purchase the Quick Formula license, you must first register on the platform and then proceed with the purchase and payment. After payment, you log into the platform and you will be taken to the "course" you signed up for. Quick Formula is considered a course on the platform. The program will be in a zipped file for you to download in the course. Download within five days of release, then it will be blocked.

Before downloading, please disable the antivirus.

The zipped folder contains the program's installer, the installation serial and the User's Manual



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